3G: Three Generations of Women

3G Three Generations of Women, is an interactive multimedia project that attempts to move beyond the media stereotypes and statistics about women, and look at their real lives. We photograph and interview three different generations of women within one family about aspects of their experience, growing up, learning, happiness, love, and more. We hope that this will give people some sense of the changes that have happened in the lives of these women over the past few decades.

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What you see here is the very beginnings of a project, which will expand to other countries including the UK, France, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone. As the project grows, you will be able to compare the differences and similarities in the stories told by women, across countries and across generations.

This project is a collaboration between ‘Pathways of Women’s Empowerment’ an international research and communication consortium, and ‘3G collective’ members Guilhem Alandry and Anna Kari.